Goodbye to the days we once shared
Farewell was all that could be spared

The softest shades of gray
The pinkish yellow hues
Violets, lilacs, and indigos
They all remind me of you
The blackest night
The ocean blue
Flames, dandelions, and solid gold
They all remind me of you

Goodbyes don’t need a format
In every way they’re unique
From the person
To the place
To even the way you speak
Goodbyes can be long
Or short
They can make you smile with glee
Or cry
What’s the point in normalcy?
In a specific way to be?
“You should say it just like me”
Well, I certainly disagree
Whether it be a wave or a sigh
Or a hug or a kiss
You cannot deny
It’s something you’ll miss

It’s almost like a little rain
Or perhaps a storm that pours
Or even a beating hail
Or a breeze upon the moors
But the change of weather
Makes the days all the more
Cherishable, beloved
They just seem to soar
The clouds may cause a gloomy sky
Block out the sun from the eye
But even the clouds go rolling by
To reveal the sky, you can rely

So take it to heart
The goodbyes that you get
Their many shapes and sizes
And take them without regret
Words may speak more than actions
Actions may speak more than words
It’s individual to every person
It’s about the feelings they stirred

Goodbye is what it once rained
Farewell now with a smile unashamed