About Me

I am the Layout Editor on the Equinox cultural magazine, alongside two other editors. I enjoy nature photography, writing, and listening to music in my free time.

I love the style and how relaxing the show is. The main setting is a cozy little town with beautiful scenery, and the show follows the life of a girl from her high school years into adulthood. It has an even mix of comedy and drama, which keeps the audience enticed.

My favorite poet is Robert Frost because of how his poems tell a story, often about nature or love. I find that my poetry follows a similar design, probably due to the fact that I often read his poetry in my free time. My favorite poem from him is called, “Wind and Window Flower”, which uses nature as an analogy for love.

Music has been a big part of my life ever since I was little, which makes choosing a favorite song nearly impossible. One song that I never get tired of is The Night We Met by Lord Huron. The lyrics are beautiful yet so tragic, and the background music fits it perfectly.

Below is an example of my poetry:


Dancing With a Dream

We met out on the terrace 

As the sun began to fade, 

Wishing time would spare us 

Every minute we’d delayed. 


I didn’t feel the need to stutter  

Or nervously twirl my hair, 

My mind wasn’t filled with clutter 

As long as you were there. 


The lights began to gleam 

And our feet started to ache, 

It felt just like a dream 

From which I’d never want to wake. 


We danced the night away 

Never speaking a word, 

I felt myself start to sway  

And my vision became blurred. 


You disappeared in plain sight 

And I had to shield my eyes, 

Blinded by your dying light 

As the sun began to rise. 


I woke up in my bed  

A soft smile on my face, 

Our song still stuck in my head 

And memories of your embrace.