Emily Harris

About Me

Hello, my name is Emily Harris. I am passionate, easy-going, and artistic. I am very reserved at first, but when I begin to feel comfortable, I tend to be more outgoing. My main hobbies are photography and hiking, and often include nature in my writing. I look forward to working on the magazine and getting to know everyone here.

“The Tell-Tale Heart” by Edgar Allan Poe is one of my favorite pieces of literature because of how Poe uses words to show the madness inside the narrator’s mind. I love how the narrator assures the audience that he is not mad, yet proceeds to describe how he carefully planned the murder of the man with the “Vulture eye”. Over all, it is an amazing piece and will always be one of my favorites.

Music is a big part of my life, which makes choosing a favorite artist very difficult. I decided to go with Radiohead because it has recently become a favorite. My favorite songs include: CreepKarma Police, and If You Say The Word. Another honorable mention is David Bowie, with songs such as Heroes and The Man Who Sold The World. .

My favorite television show is X-Files because I love the main characters’ relationship and the fact that every episode is a new creature for them to find. I have many favorite episodes, one being “DPO”, about a boy who can control electricity. I love the comedy and how it mixes well with the serious episodes too. 

Show Off Your Writing


Life in Art

Sapphire lagoons against golden trees,

Tangerine leaves flutter in the breeze.

Life is beautiful in an artist’s eye,

Like dahlias in late July.


The forests, a mix of spruce and pine,

A longing to make it an image that’s mine.

Life is beautiful in an artist’s eye,

Like the blue of a cloudless sky.


Vast oceans range far and wide,

While waves flow with the tide.

Life is beautiful in an artist’s eye,

Like the melody of a Mourning Dove’s cry.