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Find a famous quote about either writing or creativity that can help establish a running theme for your portfolio.

–Who Said the Quote

Also, make sure to insert an image in the module to the left that would align with your quote.

Who is…

Insert Your Name Here

Write a brief bio about who you are as a writer and artist.  What are your  dreams and aspirations…if you have any.  Who are your favorite writers, musicians, directors, etc.

Make sure to insert a picture of you to the right in the image module.

My Writing and Designs

My Writings

This link will bring you to your writings page, where you will publish your final versions of your favorite poems, short stories, NaNoWriMo novel(la)s, or plays.  

This is a instructional module:

Once you have replaced the images to the left, right, and bottom of this module, delete it.

My Designs

This link will bring you to your Canva Designs page, where you will publish your some of your favorite Canva creations: flyers, logos, cover art, or any other art designed through Canva. 

My Reviews

This link will bring you to your literary/art reviews page, where you will publish your reviews of various works of literature or artwork. 


This is where you place your own quote.  Something philosophical, insightful, or just ironic observation about life.  No politics, religion, or anything that may intentionally or unintentionally offend others.  You want your viewers to trust you and your perspectives

– Your Name

My Writing Blog

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