Olivia Moes

About Me

 My name is Olivia Moes, I was born in Anchorage, Alaska and moved to Florida in 2019. I stared writing poetry in 2017, and since then I’ve written dozens of poems, one of which is currently published, and I’m currently in the process of writing my first book. 

My favorite genre in any work of art (whether it’s poetry, stories, movies, etc.) is romance and fantasy. Along with horror. But only sometimes, and usually only when I’m the one writing it.

I’m currently a senior, so I’ll be graduating in 2023, and I want to become a psychiatrist. I’m very big on people’s mental health and I think I’d do very well in helping people learn more about themselves and grow as a person. Because everyone deserves that chance.


This was the first young adult work of fiction I ever read, I adored the descriptions of the characters and how in-depth they all were. It remains one of my favorite series of all time, and I love introducing people to these types of books.

This piece is titled “Memory” and is a beautiful painting that describes the feeling of missing someone no longer with you. It’s a stunning piece that accurately captures the melancholic reminiscent feeling of nostalgia. 

Who doesn’t love anything Studio Ghibli creates? Howl’s Moving Castle is (and will remain) my favorite movie of all time. The music is nostalgic, the characters are beautiful, and the scenery in the show is breathtaking. 

Show Off Your Writing


Bitter Nostalgia

I think of you, often 

It’s sickening but it’s true 

Like snow falling from the sky 

I’m covered in a cold, dark blue 

It holds me close in its icy embrace 

Whispers to me the memories we shared 

It tells me of the times we laughed together 

Softly, subtly, mimicking the way you cared 

I’m nostalgic for a time that’s long gone 

And I miss the way you looked at me 

Like I was the one you wanted 

As if we were always meant to be