Here is the calendar for both Literature in the Media Honors (LitMH) and Creative Writing 3H (CW3H)






Week of 4/17

Weekly Prompt Options Announced.

Prompt 1 (Em): Pick a color and write a poem about the color without ever mentioning the color.

Prompt 2 (Nicole): Write a piece about the ocean. 

Prompt 3 (Sam): Create a piece that is built of only dialogue: no narrative or stage directions.  All character developmement Must be presented through dialogue ONLY.

Propmt 4 (Daniela): Write about Rain; however, the droplets need to represent memories. Due for Workshop on 4/20

LitMH and CW3H:

Open Workshop

Week of 4/24

Weekly Prompt Options Announced.

Prompt 1 (North): Prompt 2 (Jacob): Prompt 3 (Julienne): Prompt 4 (Beverly): Due for Workshop on 4/27

Wild Horses 2023 Due for Review

Week of 5/1

Weekly Prompt Options Announced. Prompt 1 Chris): NOT IN CLASS! Prompt 2 (Lorelei): Write about "HOPE" in any general sense.  Prompt 3 (Olivia): Write about anger towards someone or something; however, that anger needs to be a cover for another emotion that is trying to be hiddenDue for Workshop on 5/4

Creative Collage Project Due by the end of class.

Week of 5/8

Weekly Prompt Options Announced. Prompt 1 (Katie O): Anything you want to write about as to why you do or do not stand for the Pledge of Allegiance

Prompt 2 (Megan): A love letter or love poem to someone that annoys you: annoyances are based from the 5 minute brainstorm about what do people do that annoys you.

 Prompt 3 (Vania): Write about your favorite song lyrics

Prompt 4 (Chris-round 2): Poem or monologue about your favorite smell or taste from a specific moment in your life.

Due for Workshop on 5/11


Week of 5/15

Equinox Senior Issue Due for Review

Digital Chapbooks are due by the end of class (Only if you want 2 printed copies)

Week of 5/22

ALL Digital Chapbooks are due by the end of class

Grad Practice

Senior Breakfast

Grad Practice