Niamh Kirkwood

About me: 

I am originally born in Scotland, but my family moved to Florida when I was a couple months old. Writing is something I did not think I would enjoy, but when I got put in Creative Writing last year, I immediately loved it. Poems are my favorite, but I also enjoy coming up with an interesting fiction story from time to time. I play soccer in my free time, as well as coaching little kids at the YMCA. My friends sometimes describe me as the energetic one and I tend to be pretty sociable in certain situations. 

My Favorites:

This piece of artwork is from Harry Styles’ song, Sign of the Times (2017). I have always been a huge fan of Harry for multiple reasons, but specifically after he broke out of One Direction and went solo, I feel like I was in his target audience. Sign of the Times is a very emotional song and the meaning has always resonated with me. This cover does a beautiful job of telling the story the song tries to tell.

The Outsiders is one that I’m sure we are all familiar with. I’m so glad I was forced into reading it back in 7th grade, because it was one of those that I could not put down. I love each individual character and their development so much. The division between the Greasers and Socs was a cool dynamic, especially when people from both mixed together. It carried a strong meaning through out the story, and it will remain one of my all time favorite reads.

Friends is one that nothing can beat (in my opinion). It always has me laughing and I know that after a long day I can put it on and feel some sense of normality again. Seeing how a show with not much plot other than watching 6 friends interact and go through life together, be so interesting and addicting, never fails to amaze me.

Showing Off My Writing: 

Replay, Reminisce, Reflect. 

Even I, quite often, replay the time. 

Times that felt care-free, such as trying to climb a tree.  

Having no care for whom, how, or where. 

Otherwise known as; the Golden Age of eight. 

An ancient era old enough to pronounce the words, “I love you”. 

Yet not knowing the impact it carries. 

Reminiscing on my past, reflecting for my future. 

The future of which I cannot control. 


Note: read it from bottom to top too.