The soft moving line
The beating of the heart
The anticipation
The suspense
The playing of the part

A song that sings
A dance that dances
An ebb
A flow
Oh how it prances

At first quick
A slow in motion
A rise
A fall
Oh just the notion

A breathing whisper
A cry for love
A melody
A heart
As if from above

The somber movement
The emotional expression
The mind
The soul
It leaves quite the impression

This is aria

(Aria Di Chiesa, Pietà Signore)


How many fleeting moments
How fast
They seem to fade
And yet some memories
You do not forget
Once made

The emotions that welled within me
They came
From such a simple thing
And yet at the same time
Not at all simple but
It rings

The chills that emanated from the heart
They went
And caressed my face
Rubbed my shoulders
Patted by back
They came to comfort me
When I had no one
To hold me by the hand
The ringing in my ears
The metal beneath my fingertips
The intensity of breath that made this sing
And then

No one knows what the future holds
You can
Only do your best
In every walk of life you plan
But some must be laid
To rest

That deafening sound
It does go on
But by it
You will recover
And enter

(“Remember me when I am gone away,/ Gone far away into the silent land;/ When you can no longer take me by the hand…/ Remember me when no more day by day/ You tell me of our future you had plann’d:/ Only remember me; you understand…/ Remember me when I am gone away,/ Gone far away into the silent land…” -Into the Silent Land, Steve Danyew (“Remember”, Christina Rossetti))