Gabriella Hunsaker

Vanno’s Feedback:

Try centering your name to see how it affects the balance of the page. 

About Me

I am a weird and curious person with a fascination for some insects and other creatures not commonly liked. I am in the JW Mitchell band and I play piccolo during marching band and switch between flute and piccolo during concert season. I like to write a lot of fiction and primarily write prose; depending on my mood I will write some poetry though. I like to try and be as helpful as possible to the people I am acquainted with so if you ever need help just ask me! 

Vanno’s Feedback:

You could make your font a bit larger to fill the dead space of this row.  Also, you could even change the columns setting from 1/2-1/2 to 2/3-1/3 so that your picture does not seem so separated from the  text. 

I’ve always been more into fiction than anything else and the action that is also found later in the book is very fun to see in my mind. The further the book went on, the more interesting it got with more unique ideas along with the really fun plot twist at the end.

I find nature much more appealing rather than the stuffy, towering buildings in urban places, so seeing this building synchronize with the beauty of nature and having the capabilities to further enhance itself as the sun falls and rises brings me into awe. It would be wonderful if more buildings were built to capture the beauty of nature just as the Lotus Temple does.

Vanno’s Feedback:

Adjust your margins for each of the modules so that they do not run into each other.  


This movie is really fascinating with the way the plot is structured and I love how they go back and forth between them as they try to rewrite the past and figure out what actually happened.

Show Off Your Writing


The Unknown Within

Just imagine… Getting back from school and stepping into your home. You begin to regret only packing a small sandwich as you scavenge around the kitchen for a snack. Trying to find something to satisfy your grumbling stomach, you grasp onto the handle of the freezer door. A gust of cool air blows into your face while you pull out a small bag of frozen pizza rolls. After placing them meticulously on a pan you slide them inside the already preheated oven. As the pizza rolls start to heat up, you begin to work on the homework you had received during class haphazardly, accompanied by the grumbles of your stomach. A few minutes later, looking back at the time, you walk over into the kitchen and pull the hot, crispy pizza rolls out of the oven- burning your fingertips slightly. As your nose starts to devour the smell of the melted cheese along with the small chunks of meat and sauce encased inside a well-baked doughy goodness; you suddenly feel the urge to pop one into your mouth. You begin to partake in the delectable snack and toss one into your mouth eagerly. Just as you begin to chew you bite on something with a strange, unfamiliar texture accompanied by a sour taste, unevenly mixed in with the other flavors. As you open a napkin, spitting out the pizza roll, you let out a short high-pitched screech as you leap out of your chair, rushing to the bathroom after you had seen the bits of a cockroach you had ground up unknowingly between your teeth. 


Vanno’s Feedback:

You still need to work at your paragraph braking.  Remember that when you shift ideas or speaker or time, you need to start a new paragraph.