Trey Ruthruff

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About Me

Personally, I don’t exactly look the part per se, but I’ve always had a personal interest in the topic of writing. I don’t exactly know anything special about me to be honest, but I’m a senior and currently working to get a degree in Psychology. In addition I’m working toward a minor in History. Plus the fact I intend to keep writing as a side hobby. On to the present, I’m currently working at Pizza Hut where I am being trained to be a manager as soon as I turn eighteen. My favorite sport is Hockey and I have played Baseball in the past. My main motivation today is work and my niece, but my goal here is to build additional motivation.

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Finding Zasha by Randi G. Barrow, has honestly and genuinely been my childhood book. I picked it up in Sixth Grade and have read through it two or three times. In simple terms it is a historical fiction novel taking place in the Soviet Union in the Second World War. The story revolves around a Soviet boy escaping Leningrad which was hit with a brutal siege in the story and real life. He ends up getting taken in as a janitor by a German officer who owns two German Shepherds, Zasha and Thor. It becomes his goal to escape with the two (the book is also a prequel to Saving Zasha).

I’m not a big art person to be honest, but this is the best I have. In my family I’m really the only one without artistic talent so this is my sister’s art that she finished yesterday and will be going on sale soon. She’s made selling art a side hobby and it is admirable to me.

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I really am not much of a TV person, but if I had to pin a favorite show it’d come down to Sleepy Hollow. It takes a play off the Biblical Revelations and myths surrounding Sleepy Hollow in the 15-18th centuries. Basically it follows Ichabod Crain as according to the legend of Sleepy Hollow, but it takes the Revelations spin by making the Headless Horsemen into the Horseman of Death in the Bible. Along with the Headless Horseman the show also brings in various myths and religious and folklore. It treats them the same as the horseman and gives Biblical explanations. The show went for three seasons, but got canceled in the end sadly.  

Show Off Your Writing



Throughout my life, I’ve always felt watched. From the shadow, around the corner, or the people behind me as I walk. Yet as my age increases, as do the number of people watching. I can’t help but feel a steady state of paranoia. They don’t stop. Even when I catch them, they don’t stop. When I’m walking down a sidewalk, or sitting at a restaurant, or even sleeping. Especially when I’m sleeping. I’ll wake up and see piercing eyes through the darkness. Always the dull blue eyes. There is no life nor soul behind them. It’s not always purely looking though, sometimes they will do things. They’ll always wait till I’m alone then come after me. Beating me, cutting me, and peeling my skin until there’s pure muscle left on my arms. By that point, it just hurts to do anything. When it happens, I tend to just grin and bear it. I’ll look in the mirror and get lost in my Aonibi blue eyes. I somehow feel safe doing so. Until I turn on the shower head and my raw arms seemingly sizzle and bubble as the hot water hammers the blood red, raw skin. Sometimes, when my arms heal, they leave me alone for a while, but other times they don’t. Especially when I’m stressed. Normally, they only attack me when I am just anxious or nervous. When I’m stressed though, they get much worse. They like to attack me at night, but rather than come for my arms, they’ll come for my head. They’ll take it and bash it against the wall until my blood clots my eyes and the white wall has a stain of red. Once my vision is gone, they’ll get even angrier as they scratch and claw at my face until much of the skin is peeled off like a botched scalping. Once my eyes eventually clear up, they’ll always return to the darkness, with only their dull, blue eyes visible. 

Today will be different. While my face and arms still sting to the touch, I know they’ll attack me again today. This time, however, I will record it. I will catch them and see past those dull, blue eyes. Now is the time, I have my camera in place, and I know they’ll be here soon. Today has been the worst day in a long time though. My obsessions have progressed, my addictions have increased, and I am filled to the brim with nerves and paranoia. I don’t know what to do, I feel hopeless. I just want to get out of my body and out of this existence. I feel like I’m going to have a panic attack. I can see the eyes watching me, but I can’t muster the courage to do anything. I know they are going to attack me, but I can’t do anything to stop it. They’re angry. I’ve dozed off but I feel my head swelling. I feel like I’m bleeding, but I also don’t. It feels like my head is going to implode and being boiled. It is finally over though. I don’t see the dull blue eyes. Yet I am somehow on the floor. There is another new blood stain on the wall. It isn’t all for nothing though, I have the recording. I wipe blood out of my eyes and hold my hand to the new wound on my head as I begin to watch. I see myself on the bed, but I don’t see the eyes. Suddenly, I stood up and leaned headfirst in the wall. I started screaming and rapidly banging my head into the wall. A blood spot appeared on my forehead as I continued to slam my head, increasing the red spot on my forehead more and more. I eventually stopped screaming as I fell to the ground in a pool of blood and tears. I sat there for a few minutes before crying for help. Choking on tears and blood I continued to cry as I started to claw at my face. I clawed and clawed as I started to cough up blood that I accidentally swallowed. I continued until blood came under my nails and my skin had rolled up into one spot of my face. I sat in silence for minutes, blood building up as it dripped all the way down from my forehead and off my chin. I finally stood up and walked to where I am now to look at the recording. 

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